How to make an outstanding pitch deck with AI

Here’s the pitch deck the startup used to raise that funding round. Smart Slide templates are intelligent slide layout templates that have rules of good design built-in. They are designed to adapt to your content automatically as you add text, images, charts or anything else.

Bliinx is a contact and relationship management solution that helps you generate and track interactions with them, that lead to revenue. Apteo helps retailers and brands sell more through intelligent personalization. Don’t be the average security professional ai for pitch deck that spends 4,300 hours annually to maintain compliance. Simplify your audits and reduce your workload with G2’s 5-star rated compliance automation platform. (formerly Salusive Health) raised Undisclosed in 2020 with this deck.

You can generate headlines, and product descriptions or use a ‘PAS copy’ use case to create the problem statement and the solution components of the pitch deck. In this article, we’ll explore how AI tools can help transform your pitch deck into a compelling masterpiece. Choose from a variety of presentations, reports, and other professionally-designed presentation templates to kick things off quickly. Investors want to get a feel for the company and the energy behind your team and your offers.

  • The Next Scoop, Writesonic, Benchmark Email, and Sujan Patel are just a few of the top brands that she has written for.
  • My Pitch Deck Recipe is the solution for entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are looking to create a winning pitch deck that will secure funding.
  • This information will help steer the AI toward producing a tailored and effective output.
  • This AI tool can cut down your research time in half, as it saves you the trouble of having to sift through hundreds of articles on Google search or other information sources.
  • There’s also a free trial with the Enterprise plan.

Once you have a foundation, build a story around it to highlight the problem you’re trying to solve and present your offering as a solution. You can train this tool to filter out the relevant research for you and track topics, trends, and companies effortlessly. This AI tool can cut down your research time in half, as it saves you the trouble of having to sift through hundreds of articles on Google search or other information sources. While the prompts kinda work in other AI writing tools like ChatGPT, the recipe is optimized for Jasper AI’s larger and more up-to-date language model. FLye has raised a total amount of $250K in funding from Ride Side Capital Management and 500 Startups.

It comes with a suite of AI tools, which are part of the AI Content Assistant on Narrato Workspace. It’s a collection of 15 customized AI prompts to create a winning pitch deck using an AI assistant. It covers all the essential elements that investors look for in a pitch, from your business concept to your target audience, market opportunity, competition, and financials. In contrast, a sales deck is more product-focused.

Sure you make your deck faster than ever but what’s it to you? Storydoc gets you 103% higher reading time than static slides, and almost 100% of storydocs are read in full. Generate any text, rephrase, and brainstorm ideas to seduce investors with our AI writing assistant waiting for you on every slide. I’m not just building your pitch deck or drawing a beautiful design. I’m in charge of your thoughts and help by structuring and putting them on the list.

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Their online presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn can give you a good idea about their professional activities. The tool then generates a list of taglines that you can add to the editor if you want to refine it further. AISEO’s Slogan Generator can help you create a slogan that is short, catchy, and communicates the essence of your company to the stakeholders. Now, let’s give you the scoop on what this AI tool – Supermeme – can do. It’s essentially an AI meme generator that makes it easier to create original memes in a matter of seconds. Besides this, Narrato also has a heap of cool features for content teams looking to streamline their content activities.

Slidebean offers pre-designed templates, automatic formatting, and AI-driven design suggestions, streamlining pitch deck creation. Using AI for making decks has a host of benefits. The AI, based on its understanding of successful pitch decks, can recommend content, design, and structure. AI technology can automatically create pitch deck templates, suitable for any startup or business model, with conversion-focused designs. It can even suggest pricing strategies and provide use cases to better articulate your value proposition to potential investors. If you are a founder seeking capital for your AI startup but you’re not sure how to write the perfect pitch deck, look no further.

Numbers and data add credibility to your pitch. They give the investors/partners something concrete to latch onto and say, “Hey, this person knows what they’re talking about!”. What the investors need is proof that you really understand the main problem your product/service/business solves.

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