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Commerce Requests Input on How to Address Distorted Production Costs Affecting Dumping Margin Accuracy

One party argues that the arbitrariness of the effective date would provide an incentive for respondents to create complexity to slow the process or for domestic parties to neglect inadequacies to expedite the process. They contend that the statute intends for neither scenario and many of these concerns can be mitigated by applying the final […]

Percentage Gain in IPO Meaning, Importance & How to Calculate

To get a better representation of an investment’s percentage gain or loss, investors should factor in costs, such as commissions as well as income received from distributions like dividends. The publicly quoted percentage change of a security does not factor in fees, such as commissions, slippage, and holding costs. Investors should factor these into their […]

Okcoin Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of okcoin com 25 of 62

It is one of the best digitized asset trading platforms, offering fiat deposit trading with cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The exchange is user-friendly for both professionals and individuals. They aim to produce a reliable and efficient exchange by removing trading barriers, including margin trading, on a global level. […]