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Social media provides a platform for direct communication between your customers, prospects, and employees. We’ll comb the social networks, making sure that you know who’s talking about you, what they’re saying, what they think, and whether it’s positive. This ensures that you are always ahead of the conversation, ready to contribute whenever needed.

The brand’s creatives were primarily based on the images of the brand ambassador, new product innovations, theme-based creatives, and a few out of the box creatives which revolved mainly around current topics, which were brought to life through a mix of images, GIFs and video formats.

A menswear clothing brand which caters to the aspiring Indian male consumer. The brand’s digital media platform was recently launched and has managed to gather considerable amount of traction & engagement. These creatives were delivered in a mix of images, GIFs and video formats.

When the brand was launched it received a tremendous response from its consumers. The brand’s essence is to provide quality and trendy products. Their Digital platform which was recently launched carries exceptionally captured creative product images from its range of products. Each one specifying its own trend and fashion.

VG from the house of VIDEOCON: A name that has a huge brand recall for being the pioneers in the Indian electronics industry. VG has introduced technologically advanced products from TVs with Artificial Intelligence, to Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and many more. The Brand is now itching to take the digital world by storm.

One of the most sought-after brands from Japan, known for their electronic products and advancement in technology. Taking on their digital platform was a challenging task considering the brand’s immense reputation in the market. A creative approach was identified in making Artificial Intelligence as the hero.

A brand of Virus-Free Backpacks, the brand will be going live on all their Digital media platforms soon. The creatives will revolve around the fact that the brand has introduced products which are simply the most advantageous and convenient during the pandemic.

A Resto-bar launched recently in Bandra, the hub of the party circuit. Mitron caters towards the young and romantic, yet bashful youth who love to party hard. The digital media platform was launched with exclusive images of their launch party which was attended by Mumbai’s famous socialites. They also created weekly theme days which would represent some aspect of fun, games and lots of chaos.

One of the largest manufacturers & exporters of Steam Boilers & Steam Turbines in India. Being a hardcore industrial organization, the focus on social media was to enhance their products and services.

A leading event management company in Goa, Sunset Getaways caters towards corporate events, weddings and hosting celebrity functions across India. The company has recently gone Digital by first re-developing their website into a more user friendly and aesthetically appeasing design.

IB Turbo has consistently delivered efficient and reliable steam turbines in India and has supplied 4200 MW of net electricity generating equipment with more than 650 turbines running in over 25 countries. IB Turbo has earned a strong reputation of being a trusted and respected name in mini power plants in India


Quoted by one of the finest Industrial leaders J.J.Irani of Tata Steel…The man who tightens the bolts is my hero.

We often see in organizations that the top level is always given the honour of being the crucial force behind the progress of a company. But let’s not forget… to sell a product there are many hands which can be switched, but to make the product, it is those two hands which create the magic.

So let us make the men behind the product our true HERO’S. It is their sweat, energy, time and efficiency that makes IBL what it is today. The Campaign – THE BOILER PEOPLE

This CAMPAIGN highlights the essence of IBL being one of the companies which have their roots firmly fixed to the ground since its inception. The pure belief of their success being the MEN behind their products as their true HERO’S.

The Campaign is designed keeping in mind the 3 factual roots of IBL;

The People
The Engineering
The Product

Each of the above elements have been captured in one single image which simply speaks of the importance of THE BOILER PEOPLE.

The only UN-REQUIRED positive in the world today is the fear of COVID+. Scarcity of OXYGEN supply has been one of the biggest issues faced by millions. Hospitals haven’t been able to cope up with the rising numbers.

IBL undertook the task of contributing towards our continuous fight with Covid by launching the PSA ( Pressure Swing Absorption ) Oxygen Plant.